Campagnolo Introduces 11-Speed Super Record

July 24, 2008

Velonews recently reported that Campagnolo is bringing back the Super Record but this time in an 11 speed. That's right, 11 speeds. But not only will the newly reintroduced Super Record group have 11 cogs but the Chorus and Record groups will also feature 11 cogs on the cassette. The re-engineering required on the cassette, crank, derailer, shifters, et al is a mind stretcher at the least. This kind of begs the questions - "Why?" followed by "Is more always better?" From the source: There is constant demand from customers for cassettes, which have an extra sprocket within the usual range or those that would increase the metrical range. Cyclists are never truly happy whether they are professionals or amateurs. Campagnolo therefore decided to use the redesign of the Super Record, Record and Chorus groups as an opportunity to offer them something extra. The 11th speed is in fact the icing, while the cake is the remarkable makeover of the three groupsets dedicated to competition use. It's cool to see so much innovation and new product in the road cylcling component groups from Shimano, SRAM and Campy. More to choose from come Inter-Bike 2008 time! 2 cents from VeloNews: The technologies and the range of products presented are nothing short of truly impressive. With SRAM Red, the new Shimano 7900 Dura-Ace group and now Campagnolo three new groups, 2009 will offer more choice and technology than ever before for those in the market for a new set of components. But this is about Campagnolo. Its new products highlight the brand willingness to approach its competitors head on with its own innovation and new technology. No need for me to go into all the details when VeloNews covers it so well. Get over there and check out the original VeloNews scoop. --Photo Credit: Matt Pacocha of

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