Burton Custom X Snowboard and the rest of the '08-'09 Burton gear

August 7, 2008

Maybe it's just me, but I think the 2009 Burton Custom X snowboard looks pretty sick. Especially the wide version, if you live & snowboard in the West (the Rockies, the Cascades, the Sierra Nevadas.....). Cheap snowboard gear it isn't, but your ride is often worth the coin. But you can also buy cheap snowboard gear too -- cheap snowboard gear definitely has its place, especially if you do lots of rail slides and rock jibs and go through a couple of different snowboards in a single season. But if you plan on snowboarding in bottomless powder or hitting huge gap jumps in Grizzly Gulch, the Burton Custom X wide may just be your snowboard of choice. While other companies like Lib Tech are radicalizing snowboard design with banana boards like their Skate Banana snowboards (reverse camber and magna traction sidecut? sweeeeet...) Burton just keeps rocking what's working. The Burton Custom X snowboard takes what has been working for years with the hallowed Burton Custom snowboard and gives it a bit more width for those deeper days. Of course, if you ride park then you'll want the traditional Custom X. But in the pow, there's no better way to make the whole mountain a pow-filled terrain park than to get a bit more width under you. This year Burton gave the Burton Custom X wide an ICS binding mounting system which will give you more options for your stance setup. And you can trust Burton, of course, to be making the board with their Dragonfly wood core and Vaporskin construction. Other highlights of the Burton '08-'09 lineup collection (some of the sickest Burton gear out there --- many of these are shown in the pics at right): - Burton Apres Jacket - Burton Hustla Pant - Burton Entourage Jacket - Burton Vent Pant - Burton Cartel snowboard bindings - Burton Freestyle snowboard bindings - Burton Bullet snowboard - wide - Burton Shaun White Cosmic Delight jacket - Burton Shaun White Noble Gentleman's jacket - Burton Shaun White Bad Moon Rising jacket Click here to check out the Burton Custom X Wide and the rest of the '08-'09 lineup. Click here to check out more killer snowboard gear for cheap.

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