Bridgedale Bamboo Lo Sock Review

January 22, 2009

Yeah baby now were talking. After I threw away all my cotton socks for everything I do to switch them out with merino I thought that was the end. "No more sock shopping for me!" I thought. Oh no, I was wrong. If your sold on the warm, dry, and the soft feel of merino, upgrade to the Bridgedale Bamboo Lo sock and get ready to be blown away. What more can you do with socks? Foot goes in. Keep the foot dry, warm...non-stinky. But to do all of that well, now your speaking my language. Think of moving on to Bamboo like trying an eVent shell after using GORE-TEX for so long. Bridgedale also places vents in the sock in just the right places. When I wear certain socks they form to my foot. Problem with that is now I have a dedicated left and right sock after I take them off. The bamboo sock doesn't have that at all, you can switch it over and over again. This is nice for when your hiking and switching out socks and the last thing you want is a bunchy sock on your trek. Blah. BOTTOM LINE I've worn this sock without washing it for 11 days and no funkiness. Hey Merino! While your up, how about making me a sandwich while I'm out running with my Bamboo socks? BUY NOW: The Bridgedale Bamboo Lo sock at

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