Bose Portable SoundDock - iPod Accessory Review

June 14, 2008

I'm in love with this hunk of plastic. There are times when you find a tool or a piece of gear with tons of flaws yet still performs wonderfully. This speaker is a perfect example. I think this is because the speaker looks so simple that I can't believe I've found as many things to improve. I also don't think I've seen any of these speakers that I've really enjoyed listening too in the past. The bottom line is that I love a full and powerful sound when listening to music, just as my friends how many times they have to turn down music when they come over to my house. This speaker delivers a ton of sound and it very simple and elegant. I'd recommend this to anyone. My suggested improvements: The mesh front isn't secured very well on the corners The docking tray should come with more adapters to fit the specific iPods The docking tray is also difficult to open and close The volume buttons on the side need to be more sensitive What I love: The great sound The simplistic design

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