Bluehouse Design Your Own Skis Contest - 2009

March 4, 2009

Well, as the winter stretches into spring you'll find that skiers start thinking forward to all the skiing they are going to get next season...or maybe even this summer at Hood or Blackcomb. Ski companies are prepping for next year's roundup of new goods, and they always want those designs to be solid. A good design can make the difference between a best-selling ski and an also-ran. Well, the crew at boutique ski manufacturer Bluehouse Skis has opened up the design of their skis to their users. This year they are holding another design contest this year, where folks can submit their designs to Bluehouse for consideration. The contest is supposed to go through the month of March. Click here for more details, and read below to see how Bluehouse themselves puts it: Back by popular demand, Bluehouse is proud to announce our second annual ski-design contest! Last year, Bluehouse customer Simen Stori won the contest out of hundreds of incredible entries. His minimalist bamboo design donned the Shoots this year. Now it's time for your design. Getting your ski design on a Bluehouse ski is as easy as 1, 2, ski. Here's what I mean: Submit a ski design so breathtaking as to make the children cry. Rally every mate, cobber, and rellie you have to vote for your design. Ski. You'll be skiing your very own ski design on one of the two skis we gift you after winning the Bluehouse Ski Design Contest. There are a few simple rules: (1) be creative, don't rip off other people's copyrighted materials, but don't be afraid to sample open source vectors (2) no inappropriately explicit imagery, and (3) participate actively with other designers to improve your initial concept, the more iterations of a design, the better it will look. Participants are allowed to submit as many designs as they wish. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

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