Blackburn Shorty Mountain Bike Pump - Gear Review

June 17, 2007

Ahh the inevitable... a flat on the trail. Well, actually, since I swapped to larger 2.35 tires, I can't remember the last time I got a flat tire. But, nothing is worse than getting a flat just when the going is getting good... that twisty, turny and rock-strewn downhill that you love so much. And, nothing is worse than having a pump that either doesn't work, or takes a LONG time to pump your knobbies back into shape after a trailside tube replacement or repair. For mountain bikers, long gone is the day when we slapped a pump onto our frame--thank goodness! Though most pumps still come with a water bottle mounting bracket, I can't remember the last time I actually strapped my pump to my mountain bike. With hydration packs, there's no need to carry that stuff on your frame where branches and rocks can knock them loose. Packed safely and zipped inside my DaKine Drafter hydration pack is the trusty Blackburn Shorty bike pump. The Shorty should be called the Stouty because it looks beefy and is a much larger diameter than most pumps. It's larger diameter compensates for its shorter length, proving that length is not the most important thing when it comes to the size of your pump. I've used the Blackburn Shorty hundreds of times. It always latches onto my schraeder or presta valves the first time and rapidly inflates my tires. I've used the Shorty for a wide array of tire widths (2.10 - 2.70) and never once did I feel it took an extraordinarily long time. Like I said, the girth makes up for its shortness. What I Like About the Blackburn Shorty: Compact size takes up little room in my hydration pack Pumps up all tires quickly and with little effort The comfortable rubber grip makes for easy pumping The clamp attaches to both schraeder and presta valves with aplomb (manual adjustment) The Bottom Line Blackburn makes some awesome mountain and road bike accessories, and the Blackburn Shorty mountain bike pump will be my pump of choice for years to come. It's small, lightweight and works like a champ. And, at only $24.99, it's a great value. The Shorty looks to be discontinued, but the Mammoth 2Stage is equally small and a better pump. BUY NOW: Buy the Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage Bike Pump

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