Black Diamond Viper Android Leashes

February 1, 2009

I like versatility. I like options. So when Black Diamond came out with their Viper Android lce Climbing Leash system for their Vipers and Cobras, I was stoked! Easier to place a screw with, easier to flip between leashed and leashless climbing, and a shorter and better swing than a regular lockdown leash, the Androids are definitely the way to go if you do a lot of leading or like to run leashless on occasion! Viper Android Leashes- The Good Super easy to place a screw. Just unclip your leash and you're free to move about as you need. Much quicker than taking your hand out of a Lockdown leash, and much faster to replace your hand and keep on movin. If you're new to the leashless arena, the Androids are a great way to give it a try. Adjust your leashes, and start climbing with them unclipped, climbing leashless. Then, if you get pumped out half way up the climb, you can clip your hands in and hang on your leashes, and you don't have to have an anxiety attack about dropping a tool because your hands are so worked! Black Diamond clip system is more user friendly in big gloves than Petzls. Easier to unclip and reclip. Viper Android Leashes- The Bad and The Ugly Android leashes are NOT included when you purchase a new set of Vipers or Cobras, whereas Petzl tosses their version in with the tool when you buy Quarks. At $44.90 apiece, it's not cheap to outfit your tools with these guys. When cinched all the way down, the leashes are just snug around my hand with a large glove on. If I were to move to a thinner glove, I wouldn't be able to get my leash snug enough around my hand. Tiny handed climbers- be sure to bring your gloves with you and try em out to make sure they'll work for your hand. Check 'Em Out! Black Diamond Viper Android Leashes

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