Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampons Review

February 27, 2009

Finally, my search has ended. I love to climb mountains, big ones. From time to time the only way up is through a pitch or two of ice. It is not practical, weight conscious, or safe to be changing up niche crampons (racers, vert specific, or such) as the route has varying demands. Is it possible to have crampons that can pick, stick, grab, and nab the smallest rock or ice vertical purchase and still be friendly enough for the repeated and range of motion mountaineering demands? YES. It IS the Black Diamond Sabretooth. The dual front points are horizontal for solid toe picking, yet the slight curve allows you to walk at various inclines without catching the ground then you roll over the ball of your foot. The secondary points are serrated, like little saw blades keeping you solid and upright. The sub points and multi angles of points are great for multi use and mixed climbing. No matter which angle the route demands your crampons can match it. The bails are easy to engage with gloved or naked hands. The metal tongue that connects the bail to the ankle strap may look dainty, but it burl… kind of like the hot girl you underestimated that could totally kick your… The ankle strap stays snug, I had to tighten it once after a seven hour day climbing. My foot is an 8.5 and the center bar accommodated my half size securely. You can order an extended bar if you need Sasquatch sizes (12+ US). I have taken these on day trips, Mount Shasta, trekking in Glacier NP, vertical ice throughout the Ouray area and Maple Canyon Falls. They have handled all of it beautifully. The Rundown: Strong, dependable, tested Easy to put on /take off with gloved or naked hands Multiple points & multiple angles Amazing capacity for mixed climbing or mixed use When I need one pair to do it all, it is the Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro. Buy Now: Pick up the Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro Crampon at

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