Black Diamond Primrose Harness

April 3, 2009

I spent a good chunk of my spring break in a harness. No complaints here, since that means I was out doing some pretty fun stuff. Not only did I spend a lot of time in a harness, but I spent a lot of time in a comfortable, lightweight harness; the Black Diamond Primrose Harness. The women's specific version of the Momentum harness, the Primrose is a great all around harness. Ice climbing, rock climbing (even canyoneering for a day!), this harness has done it all for me. The Primrose comes with a variety of buckle and leg loop choices. Let's break them down. Primrose: The straight Primrose name indicates a traditional buckle system for the waist and fixed leg loops. Primrose AL: Traditional buckle system for both leg loops and waist. This makes the leg loops completely adjustable, which is idea for ice climbing. Space for added layers, the ability to take your harness off without doing the "hop on one leg" dance in crampons... Primrose SA: SA Stands for Speed Adjust- both the leg loops and waist are adjustable, and the buckles are pre-threaded, so all you need to do is give it a pull and it's safe. Alright, now that you can select between the different types of Primrose Harnesses, lets talk about features that are standard across the board. Key Features of the Black Diamond Primrose Harness Four molded gear loops- allow you to rack up for a long trad route or grab a few draws and head up that sport climb. Clipped leg loops- drop your leg loops quick if you need to make a bathroom run but don't want to dismantle you're whole upper half. Padded bullhorn waist with increased rise means that the harness really will fit better than a men's harness. That increased rise means that the waist of the harness will truly sit above your hips, where it needs to be for safe usage. The bullhorn shaped waist also means accommodation for hips, something that men's harnesses don't tend to have. Comes in sizes extra small - large: Accommodates waist sizes from 24 inches through 36 inches. Bottom Line= A great all-around harness that fits well! If you're looking for a sport-specific, even lighter weight harness, try the Black Diamond Diva. If you're looking for an ice-specific harness, look into the Black Diamond Blizzard. Buy Now! Black Diamond Primrose Harness

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