Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw

January 23, 2009

I got to the check out the Black Diamond Livewire Quickdraw today at the OR show here in Salt Lake. Some very interesting changes that I must have over looked from last year. When I found the LiveWire when I first started climbing I used the rest of my biners for Christmas tree ornaments, I'm a fan of the LiveWire. The Livewire alone is an amazing design that really sinks the rope in the biner. Obviously the wire is the way to go on the bottom of your draw for an easy clip and for safety. I also like how big the LiveWire is which makes it easier to grab. And if your sketched out on a move the big gate feels good to put the mind at ease. The Dynotron has ridges on the gate also for your thumb to grip when opening the gate; genius. Both biners on the draw now have ridges on the spine of the biner. It's basically an i-beam construction for weight distribution. It also looks like a ninja sword design which helps for gripping the biner while clipping. I didn't think the LiveWire could get any better but I'm glad it did. This is definitely the ultimate draw for your sport climbing addiction. BUY NOW: The Black Diamond LiveWire Quickdraw at

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