Black Diamond Ion Headlamp

January 30, 2009

Back-up headlamps are always a nice addition to any pack of gear. Hiking in the dark or setting up camp in the middle of the night, whatever situation you find yourself in, you can never have enough light. The great thing about the Black Diamond Ion Headlamp is it stays out of the way and then shines bright when you need it. Anyone remember Micro-Machines? Talk about the coolest little world to join ever. The Ion could probably stand in as a light post for your Micro-Machines village of hot rods and jet fighters. My favorite thing about the Ion is the strap is very easy to cinch down. I'm tired of headlamps with the middle strap across the head, I am digging these head band style lamps. I wonder if BD or Petzl will come out with really thick hot pink 80's style headbands? The BD Ion So Small Jokes The BD Ion is so small it can hide behind a toothpick. The BD Ion is so small Tom Cruise coughed up one while filming MI:2. The BD Ion is so small the pentagon can't even find it. The BD Ion is so small contact lenses are too big for the bulb. Well, you get the idea. At an ounce the Ion can't afford to go on a diet. Easy to replace 6V battery finishes off this sweet piece of gear. I love carrying the Ion in my pocket when I'm hiking. Personally I hate things in my pockets, but the Ion has earned a front seat. BUY NOW: The Black Diamond Ion Headlamp at

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