Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

December 27, 2008

Probably one of my favorite genres of gear; the helmet. Instead of hitting the hospital after hitting the crag bring a helmet, and don't just hang it on the back of your pack put the lid on. Black Diamond has been perfecting the Half dome for a while now. Ever since my start on rock and ice my head has been cuddled underneath the domes foam and plastic. Don't Mess When your buying cams or safety gear you just don't skimp. It's not exactly the kind of gear you go to a flea market searching for a 'good deal'. Your head deserves the premium gear which is exactly what Black Diamond provides with the half dome. The headlamp clips are perfect for throwing on the lamp in a rush. They keep your light secure and if you ever flip upside down for whatever reason, don't worry about losing your light (been there done that). The weight is perfect for all around use. Coming in at 12.2oz the half dome feels solid up on top. On Rainer or on Potash this helmet is great for heat regulation and fits perfect with a beanie when needed. BD Design The other thing I like about the helmet design is it doesn't shoot forward where you have to re-adjust all the time. The rear strap adjuster is an awesome bonus with the half dome to make adjusting a breeze. The chin strap is comfy and the strap are attached in such a way that when you tilt your head forward it stays solid. Save your dome and save the flea market for angel figurines and yucca rain sticks. BUY NOW: The Black Diamond Half Dome at

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