Black Diamond Guide Glove

October 29, 2008

You don't mess with another mans gloves. And you don't leave them at home either. Probably in the top 5 for most important pieces of gear along with cell phone, iPod, and back-up cell phone. I've used the Black Diamond Guide glove for just about anything under the clouds, including digging a car out of the snow. The inside of the gloves give your hands the soft cushy goatskin they deserve. The lining and the Primaloft insulation not only provide warmth but a nice padding for the ice climbing crowd out there. Slamming your knuckles on jagged sharp ice repeatedly, talk about pain. For mountaineering I have really liked them because I can still tie my knots and manage my prusiks without having to take my gloves off. The leather in the palm is super grippy with the axe, skis, and snow shovels. On a deep day skiing, the gauntlet is key for keeping the snow out and your hands dry. This may sound weird but this glove supports my thumbs really well. Every once and a while my ski pole will jerk my thumbs, maybe Black Diamond was compensating for this I'm not sure, but my joints are grateful for the mini-pillows. The gauntlet drawstring is easy to tighten but loosening it up can take some getting use to. Don't worry you'll have plenty of time to practice while at dinner parties showing off your new BD gloves. Glove Specifics Material: 4-way stretch Shoeller and Gore-tex XCR. Weight: Medium 11.1oz. Kevlar capped fingers to keep them movin'. BUY NOW: Black Diamond Guide Glove at

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