Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools

November 17, 2008

Whoever is designing this year's line of ice tools over at Black Diamond is my new favorite person! This year's Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools are the first set of tools that I feel really accommodate those of us with smaller hands, who still want an aggressive set of spikes for ice. The redesigned carbon fiber Cobra is lighter, has a smaller grip and a more curved shaft shape than the older models. The grip is actually narrower, which makes getting a good grasp on the tool fairly easy. Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools Run them leashed or leashless! Attach the Android leash if you're not feeling up to leashless climbing one minute, unclip them the next. Comes with a fang and strike, both of which are removable. Comes standard with the BD Laser pick, which has a thinner nose and body, allowing the pick to penetrate with less ice displacement. Hammer and adze available GREAT for women or dudes with smaller hands. I tend to lose circulation in my hands from gripping to hard on tools with a wider grip (i.e older BD Vipers, Grivel Alp Wings). Not the case with these! BUY NOW! Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools

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