Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skins

December 16, 2008

When I think of skins I can't help but laugh. Such an amazing and great invention and yet so easy to really screw up when your cutting them. For my first pair of un-used skins I jumped on to TGR and searched around for tips. Luckily I had some great advice that prevented some massive mistakes. Even if you do make a couple junky cuts the Black Diamond STS skins make up for it with solid performance on the up and up. The great thing about the STS skins is the rear attachment is all ready to go. I had to attach that thing back in the day for another pair of skins and it is super tough, and in the process I think I lost 30% of the pieces. Not good. Ok back to the STS. Fit super strong on the ski and don't flop around as your climbing. You can always get the Nikwax skin waterproofer that helps keep them dry and working primo, but as is these skins kill it. You will notice on the sticky side that their is about an inch wide strip that goes from the tip to the tail. Not exactly sure of the mind set behind this but I am pretty sure it is to decrease the amount of glue that your using to make taking the skin off easier. Leave it to BD to keep up on the innovation. Throw in a reversible tip loop to fit a wide range of tips and the ultra solid camming device for the tail and your on your way. You can also check out this video from Brig reviewing the Glidelite skins. BUY NOW: The Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS skins at

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