Black Diamond Apollo Lantern and NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit

November 4, 2008

Rolled up late to the camp spot and you can't even find a tree to bang your head against because its so dark. Let there be light! I checked out this sweet ray of sunshine and with a brand like BD and something I've always wanted, this is going into my pack with no delay. The Black Diamond Apollo sheds a 30 foot radius of LED rays at that dark but primo campsite. The thing is super durable sporting aluminum stays, but what else would you expect from BD? The reviews on are informative and entertaining. Everything from "the size of a can of soup" and named "the Scout Master's Choice". I have been wanting a lantern for a long time but I've just been holding out. I definitely don't want to mess with gas and lighting little bags on fire. Coupled with BD's NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit, this will dominate your gear supply and the darkness around you. Also would fit nicely into a stocking right above the orange and next to the Star Wars Pez dispenser. Apollo Specifics Weight: 7.8oz, light enough for ya? 60 hours max, long enough for ya? Collapsed 5x3in Extended 9.5 x 3in, small enough for ya? LET THERE BE LIGHT: Black Diamond Apollo Lantern at DON'T FORGET BATTERIES: Black Diamond NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit.

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