Black Diamond 01 Telemark Binding

October 25, 2008

Remember when you had to get the bindings that had the cartridges on the outside of your boots? If youre like me youre probably not a huge fan of your cartridges clanging down the hill as your trying to get into your groove. No need to worry when rocking the Black Diamond 01 binders. Ive been on this binding for a season and have really enjoyed the power and functionality compared to BD 02 binding. The 01 has a snappy response and is ready to move. Coupled with the easy switch-to tour mode, I wont go with anything else. If youre suave enough you can actually keep your skis on at the end of the hike, pull off your skins, and hit the button and go. Maybe that why the color is green? The other thing I like about the tour button is that there is no way your accidentally going to pop into tour mode on the way down. Unless youre just nuts because you ski with your poles right in front of your boots and have amazing aim. As your looking around for a killer tour tele-binding, give the 01 a chance at the runway, they will definitely be crowned. Tech Specs Comes in three cartridge options; free flex, mid-stiff, and ridiculously stiff. Weight: 3 lb. 11 oz. BUY NOW: The Black Diamond 01 Telemark Binding at

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