Big Mountain Bike Adventures Spring Training Camp 2009

November 24, 2008

Big Mountain Bike Adventures has teamed up with Andreas Hestler, one of North America most celebrated cross-country mountain bikers, for a late-March training camp. During the 8-day adventure participants will join former Olympian, 3-time winner of the Trans Rockies, celebrated coach and charismatic athlete Andreas Hestler on this private training camp and learn riding and training techniques to improve mountain bike skills. I believe that the difference between amateur cyclists and professionals is dedication and focus, says Hestler. During this training camp, we will have one unified goal, to gather miles and learn skills over a concentrated period of time. These skills can be applied to racing or everyday riding. Off the bike, Hestler will share his secrets about goal setting, nutrition, seasonal periodization, stage racing and more. For those training for a multi-day event or just looking to improve their skills and fitness, this is a great opportunity. The location for the camp is one of North America mountain bike Meccas near Las Vegas, Nevada. Just beyond the strip lies an arid region with varied trails, spectacular scenery and world class riding. Riders will visit Bootleg Canyon, Blue Diamond, Hurricane, Thunder Mountain and even hike Zion National Park. Some of the trails in this area are like Moab on steroids, says Hestler enthusiastically, slick rock that winds and undulates with plenty of cornering and singletrack to practice skills and fitness. Were going to have fun. Trip dates: March 28 to April 4, 2009 Cost: $2475 Canadian (approx $2000 USD) For more information, email: Founded in 2002, Big Mountain Bike Adventures is an innovative travel company that offers all-mountain, XC and downhill mountain bike trips in Morocco, Costa Rica, Italy, British Columbia, Mexico, South Africa and Botswana, Peru, the Yukon and Switzerland. Photos courtesy Colin Meagher

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