Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad - Gear Review

September 16, 2008

Who says sleeping when camping has to be uncomfortable? On Rainier my climbing partner pulled out the Big Agnes Air Core pad out as I unraveled my old foam pad. After laying down, it looked like he was levitating a couple inches above the ground in a blissful sleep on inflated nylon. It really was a no brainer; I had to get one of these babies. Don't fall off I tried out the pad...errr mattress for a backpacking trip this weekend and my main concern was falling off the thing. I was pretty nervous laying down feeling like I would regret this purchase and be on the ground in an hour. No problems, my 150 lbs. went the whole night on the pad. Big Agnes nailed it with the nylon slip on the back of their sleeping bags, however I was in my Mountain Hardwear bag and it worked great. Lets talk space The Air Core packs down to about the size of a 32 oz. nalgene. Too big for you? Throw it into a compression sack. Because the insulation is Primaloft and not a big piece of foam, it will go nice and quietly stuffed away. The pad I used before was the Mountain Hardwear Trailhead which rolls to about the size of a sleeping bag and don't even think about a compression sack. Weight Junkies How does 27 ounces sound for a Long 78 inch pad? I am 5"9 and I went with the long because I really don't like my head or feet hanging off an end. There are other Big Agnes pads that are lighter but remember your getting the Primaloft love along with a durable nylon all in a big momma mattress that everyone will envy. Tweak to your preference. The blow up time for this puppy is a little long, but if you faint, you have this amazing mattress ready to break your fall. LOW DOWN: Let make your next trip a bit more comfortable with the Big Agnes Air Core Insulated pad for $69.95 WARNING: Do not use sleeping pad while sleeping in tent with someone who is NOT using a Big Agnes pad. As you peacefully sleep your partner could potentially throw items at you during the night disrupting your beauty sleep. Play it safe and bring an extra pad for that special someone.

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