Backpack Fit 101 and 102 from Gregory

October 28, 2008

Over the years I've heard many different formulas and methods for fitting a backpack. Some of it coming from young 20-something's who have 2 weeks experience on the sales floor making their way through college and other bits and pieces from people who have logged miles with a backpack but have little understanding of how to properly fit anyone else based on anatomy. This video from Gregory Backpacks is quite likely the most clear explanation of how to properly fit a backpack that I've ever heard. I'm sure watching it you'll think to yourself, "Well, yea, that's so obvious" as well as a flood of memories like I had of shop rats telling me a myriad of ways to fit a pack. The guy featured in the video is Wayne Gregory, founder of Gregory packs. He's been in the backpack game long enough that along with types like George Lowe, he's considered a father of modern backpacks. Gregory was the first to encorporate different pack sizes based on torso length. After all, if a pack won't fit your frame it won't fit, period. Check it out: Watch for some Gregory pack reviews this winter here on --Check out Gregory Packs selection of packs in the shop section of

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