Gear Inbounds Glove Review

February 15, 2009

Most people who know me would likely say that I'm not much of an in bounds kind of skier, saying that I prefer the skin track and quadriceps to the bull wheel and, well, sitting on my rear end. I would have to agree with that assertion. Despite this glove from being called the Inbounds Glove and my preferred venue for sliding on snow being the backcountry, I've found reason to test this glove in both the resort and the backcountry this season...and it's not just for in bound performances. The first time I used ithem was while on a backcountry tour to the Wasatch classic Coalpit Headwall, a north facing 5,000 foot line. My first impression was that it was too cold of a glove, despite the wool-liner. But I kept giving it a chance and glad I am. It was while cat skiing at Powder Mountain a couple weeks ago and the Ski the 13 Challenge a few weeks before that when I realized I was falling in love. Comments from friends along the lines of "man, those look like comfy gloves" and "nice looking gloves, who makes them?" reinforced what I was starting to realize - that they were keepers. The pre-curved articulated fingers allow for a great fit right out of the box. I like how the cuff, made of softshell material, is independent of the main leather part of the glove, allowing the glove to act independent of the cuff, much like your hand acts independent of the wrist. The result is the type of glove function and performance that I've not often experienced. For guys with larger hands, the cuff can be a point of distaste as the narrow cuff may present a challenge to pull over the hand, but once on the fit is seamless. The gloves come with a DWR treatment on the leather but I've not yet felt the need to retreat them after more than a dozen uses. The extra soft goat leather on the palm increases the durability to edges and tree limbs while ski touring. Inbounds Glove Specs: Leather shell with Pittards Goat leather palm (how appropriate - Goat leather) DWR coated leather for increased water proofing Soft wool liner Polartec Power Shield softshell cuff Buy Now Pick up the Inbounds Glove today and put to rest your in bounds and out of bounds struggles - this glove goes both ways.

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