Gear Dawn Patrol Vacuum Coffee Tumbler

January 20, 2009

The coffee shop culture is a fun one that is for sure. So how about taking a piece of the party along with you? I recently began using the Dawn Patrol Tumbler and I'm 50/50 happy and sad with this little guy. The Good It's small. I would actually take this backpacking its so small. It has a snug screw on top that I haven't had spill on me yet. The sleek design fits nicely in the hand and in the car. The insulation is impressive. I made hocho and left it on my counter and it sat for 3 hours. Came back, totally piping hot. Sure I forgot my brew but I was impressed with how hot it kept my sweet goodness. The Bad The screw top keeps in the liquid but is a serious pain while trying to drink and drive. On top of the lid there is a compartment for a tea bag, I feel like its unnecessary. The problem with the lid compartment is instead of having two females you have a male lid, causing overflow. And also can take away from your portion of brew. This is definitely not your everyday use tumbler. My other gripe is when I got a refill at the shop the owner made fun of the cup saying "it was a poor design". OUCH! The Bottom Line If you know your getting into a non-casual cup you'll be happy. Oh and the colors are pretty snazzy. BUY NOW: The Dawn Patrol Vacuum Coffee Tumbler at

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