Asolo Outrider and Prolix XCR Trail Running Shoes

March 17, 2009

Ahh... the shoulder season between Winter and Spring. It's a time when the trails aren't quite dry enough for mountain biking, so trail running fills the void between backcountry ski tours and singletrack adventures. This year, I've got a handful of excellent trail running shoes and lightweight hikers to flog in the Wasatch Mountains. Asolo has long been building high-quality hiking and mountaineering boots, but in addition, they have a solid trail running shoe lineup that consists of eight models. Some models include Gore-tex liners and other don't. They all share a common Propulsion outsole and tread pattern, but differ in the support and breathability of the uppers. From Asolo's Web site, here's a little more info on the Propulsion technology (see image at right): The Propulsion sole is made of thermoset Eva rubber for maximum lightness. A central element located between the sole and the heel gives extra stability to the structure, in order to offer torsional rigidity. The sole protection is granted by a second element in thermoplastic polyurethane, positioned between the heel and the outsole. This element can be also seen from the outside. The main features of the rubber outsole are the innovative Aso brake and Aso Propel systems which guarantee maximum support going down and up respectively. The radial design and the strategic positioning of the various elements maximizes grip on all types of terrain. From the Asolo lineup, I've got two models in-hand and will be performing detailed reviews to be posted on Asolo Outrider Trail Running Shoes Built with lots of mesh and welded outer support skeleton, the Outriders offer ample breathability and excellent overall support. The medium-profile outsole tread is widely-spaced to shed dirt but designed for both traction and braking. The lacing system offers uniform pulling for easy adjustments. The Propulsion system offers excellent cushioning and protection. The Outrider is available in three colors with an MSRP of $90. Asolo Prolix XCR Trail Running Shoes Also built on the Propulsion lowers, the Prolix XCR is built for wet adventures with extra lateral support just for good measure. The outer wing system wraps the forefoot for maximum support while keeping your foot on lock-down. If you need waterproof trail runners, the Prolix XCR with 3-layer Gore-tex look like great options. The Prolix XCR is available in three colors with an MSRP of $125. Buy Now: Search for Asolo Trail Running Shoes

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