Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket Review

January 23, 2009

Oh so many jackets how can one choose? Let the Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket help you narrow it down. I picked this up a while ago for backpacking, all around use, and well....I hate being wet and cold and this jacket is the one for me. The Arcteryx Fit Normally an Arcteryx shell fits me really big. I normally wear a small in Arcteryx but in the beta and theta selection I wear a medium. The beta has a shorter cut on the bottom so I think that is why I'm a medium. In the arms an Arcteryx jacket always has plenty of room for layering, however in the Beta SL their minimalist outlook is not left out by tightening up the arms. Who backpacks with their down jacket underneath a shell anyway? Compared to the Alpha SL jacket the Beta is going to fit more athletic. I'm liking how the Beta isn't as long as the Alpha because when I telemark in the Beta my knees aren't fighting fabric. The Beta SL Tech The hoods on jackets are a big deal to me lately. The Beta hood fits a helmet and has an interesting drawstring. The hood cinch cord actually runs vertical rather then horizontal. It's placed lower then other hoods I have seen. When I cinched it down it opened up my peripheral more then other hoods. This is great for watching my tail when mountain lions are scoping me for dinner. The GORE-TEX Paclite is very packable and light. I know everyone is jonesin' for eVent but Paclite is still a solid material that has minimalist written all over it. I packed this jacket to about the size of a softball and 11oz. is nice to wear and carry. The pockets ride lower then most Arcteryx jackets I have seen. I'm not bagging peaks everyday of the week and the lower pockets make it nice for casual use. Beware there is no internal iPod or wallet chest pocket. I was a little bugged at first but I think I'm over it now. This will probably help me get in touch with my 'natural outdoorsy purist' side rather then my 'rockin' to Zepplin while sloshing through the backcountry' side. BUY NOW: The Arcteryx Beta SL at

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