Alpine Aire Foods

December 30, 2008

After packing 40+ pounds of gear that may or may not get used this trip you stroll into camp finally done with your day. After about 20 minutes of setting up camp you start to boil water for dinner to actually nourish your tired body. Whats worse then eating slop that tastes like nasty left overs in the outdoors? Worry no more and let Alpine Aire spend a little time in the kitchen on your next trip. It's always a gamble when your food shopping for a trip. Energy bars, drink mixes, and of course the dinners. I took a leap with Alpine Aire on my last Rainier trip and was very pleased. It seems to me that the food is prepared in such a way that it cooks quick and has a very eatable texture. The pouch is a ziploc style to really lock in the heat to cook the food quick. And hey a ziploc in the backcountry even acts as a storage pouch for left over food. Genius. I had the Chicken Gumbo one night and with a little Chalua it turned into a great meal. Alone the Gumbo is spicy enough for any regular person but I'm a fan of hot hot food. They also have an array of desserts and other cool sides to keep your tummy happy while your feet might not be. The price on the food also doesn't leave you like a poor church mouse. BUY NOW: Alpine Aire Food at

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