2009 Lowrance GPS Handhelds

January 31, 2009

Have you ever gotten lost? Have you ever admitted it? If you are banging your head on the keyboard because you own a GPS and got lost with it on your dashboard you might want to check Lowrance GPS navigators. Out of the box these puppies pride themselves in ease of use and come with all the extras your looking for in a GPS unit. The Endura series is keeping up with the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Storm craze with having a touchscreen interface to buzz trails or find that POI everyone on the blog is raving about. Pre-loaded maps and SD expansions slots to cram your MP3's and pics are just a few of the treats you get with the Lowrance Endura series. ENDURA SIERRA - $549 (Blue) The 'flagship' of the three units boasts a 4GB internal memory to store tunes and trails. This unit comes with Intermap Accuterra, a high resolution topo map to really hold your hand through the backcountry. The Sierra offers the NAVTEQ road network for the lower 48 for that visit to DC, so no worries on getting lost while trying to find Ben's Chili Bowl. The Sierra accepts many GPX and online community-based content. ENDURA SAFARI - $384.99 (Gray) Ever thought of keeping notes when your following a map? Along with the Sierra the Safari has a built-in voice recorder to remind you where exactly you put the toilet paper. The Safari has a stout processor for quick panning and trail loading. Uploaded with detailed maps to help ease the pain of being lost...dis-oriented...errr you know what I mean. ENDURA OUTBACK - $229.99 (Yellow) The Outback is a solid affordable choice for getting into the GPS world. This unit comes with a geocaching application compatible with to go leave baseball cards in lunch boxes tucked under abandoned railroad carts. Full color and touchscreen makes this easy to use and gives you all the POI's you need for a jam packed road trip. The contours aren't as detailed as the other models but will get you where you need to be. Don't forget Fishing Hot Spots and Lakemaster charts already uploaded to catch the big one. All units are 5.1-inch high x 2.3-inch wide x 1.1-inch deep and weigh you down 5.8oz. Sleek and easy to use, theres no reason not to pack one along and on top of that; not get lost. Check out Lowrance to find the Endura GPS unit that will make your next trip epic.

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