2009 Kona Hei Hei 2-9 Deluxe 29er Quick Review

September 25, 2008

At Interbike Outdoor Demo, I got to ride nine different bikes--three of which were 29ers. Honestly, going into the ride on the Kona Hei Hei 2-9 Deluxe, I was thinking it would be a 100% XC machine. With 3.5-inches in the rear and barely over 3-inches up front, this thing sits squarely in the XC crowd, right? Well, as it turned out, the answer to that was yes and no. How does the Kona Hei Hei 2-9 Deluxe Ride? Heading up the trail, the Hei Hei climbs like a dream. I pedaled up Bootleg Canyon with pure efficiency. The most surprising part was the downhill capabilities of this bike. I thought it would act like a typical 3.5-inch travel XC machine when I pointed it. I was totally getting ready for the bounce-around as I made my way down the rock gardens and technical descents found in Bootleg, but to my surprise, the Hei Hei 2-9 descended like a well-mannered trailbike. I was very impressed with how smooth the suspension feel was both up and down. I was able to charge the typical lines without worrying that I'd be getting bounced around like a leg-shaven XC racer on a DH course. Good Capable climber Excellent descender... descends like a 5" trailbike 29er wheels roll over everything Fox F29 descends beyond it's 80mm travel Very fun and flickable... not your typical 29er Great parts spec $3599 MSRP is respectable (Hei Hei 2-9 is $2499) Bad Can experience suspension feedback due to single-pivot design No quick-release seat collar More Info: Visit

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