2008 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

May 13, 2008

So, it's taken a few months, but I'm starting to really dig the new Subaru Impreza body style for 2008. The old body style with the aggressive "love it or hate it" front end styling has been replaced by a more subdued and perhaps somewhat boring front end. Yeah, it's got some good and bad attributes, but I think I can appreciate more now. The wagon-esque style has now been replaced with more of a hatchback look. Overall size has increased and interior room expanded as well. Fuel efficiency isn't world-class, but it's still respectable at 27 mpg highway--especially considering the Outback Sport has Subaru's Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and weighs much more than comparable front-wheel-drive vehicles. Though I like the new design overall, I've still got some gripes with the new design that I must point out: When will Subaru finally put the outdated two-tone paintjob to bed? The available paintjobs on the 2008 Outback Sport are not all that great. A nice monotone paintjob would be preferred. The Outback Sport looks kind of wimpy when compared to the WRX and especially the curvy and downright sexy WRX STi. Maybe a non-functional hood scoop or some fender flares might make it feel more like the off-road-capable vehicle it is. The roof rack is no longer a rail system, but now two built-in crossbars, which reduces rack options. Did I mention that you have to buy a two-tone? Well, my gripes aside, I still like the new 08 Impreza. I have yet to get behind the wheel of one, but hopefully I can swing by a local Subaru dealer to see how these little babies drive. Still, it's hard to justify getting one with my 01 Outback VDC still kicking and getting 22-25 MPG. But, these little vehicles are pretty sweet. More Info: Visit

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