2008 Kona Coiler With Magic Link - New Gear

July 3, 2007

Looks like the spin doctors at Kona have "secretly" let the cat out of the bag on the new 2008 Kona Coiler frame design. They have a little demo that shows the travel path and gives you somewhat of an idea how it works. Now, I'm no engineer, but Kona's tried and proven rocker arm suspension design that has been employed by them since the mid 1990's seemed like it was working just fine. Well, apparently, there's some tinker left in the pocket protector-wearing crowd at Kona's HQ. It looks to me like the new Kona Magic Link changes the wheelpath slightly by moving the pivot point up and forward from the bottom bracket. But, you'll have to read for yourself on their site how the Magic Link works its magic. I don't think I can make any assessments either way until I swing a leg over one at Interbike 2007 this fall. But, until then, we can all take a look at the "leaked" Kona Coiler Magic Link demo page and make our own conclusions. Overview of the Kona Coiler with Magic Link 6" or 7.4" rear travel depending on Magic Link placement Supposed to be more supple and plush during the initial phase of travel giving it a cushy cush ride Angles slacken during travel to give the rider piece of mind while barreling through rock gardens We'll see how it all turns out... what do you think about the new Kona Coiler with Magic Link? Comment below. MORE INFO: Visit for more information on the Magic Link

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