Organic Happy Yoga Mat Wash

June 16, 2008

I have to admit, in the early days of organic goods and "going green", I associated these terms with my 7th grade science teacher's patchouli perfume and toilet paper that has both the color and texture of sand paper. I'm not sure if my perception has changed within the last few years, or if these "green" products have become more appealing to the mainstream, but my guess is it's a combination of both. When I first tried Kathy's Family organic happy yoga mat wash, I was incredibly impressed that an organic antibacterial spray actually smelled fantastic! The mixture of lavender and tea tree is relaxing and also invigorating...go figure! I tried the spray on my yoga mat, and was delighted with the clean appealing scent that lingered. It also seemed to help with the stickiness of my well-used and well-loved mat, and I was much more comfortable going into child's pose knowing that my forehead was not resting on millions of nasty germs, but rather a clean and wonderful smelling mat. The instructions on the bottle say to spray a cloth or paper towel 3 or 4 times, but I noticed that I sprayed considerably more than that...maybe it's just my imagination, but I didn't feel like 3 or 4 sprays were adequate to clean my entire mat. Not just for yoga mats, I also used the spray to clean off my grimy hand weights, and I'll probably bring it along to the gym too to spray on the equipment I use. Who knows, I may even decide to stash one in my diaper bag and use it to spray shopping carts, doorhandles, and any other germ-laden surface! I love the fact that this product has so many practical uses. Add to that it's eco friendly formula that is all natural, vegan, organic, and made without preservatives or parabens, and smells wonderful. I think I'll do just what the bottle tells me, "blissfully inhale and exhale, relax with abandon." Learn more about this and other organic products at:

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