the show: NAU Shelter Jacket Overview - New for Spring 2008

February 12, 2008

NAU is a Portland, Oregon-based company who builds amazingly-functional, durable and sustainable outerwear and clothing. The new-for-spring 2008, NAU Shelter Jacket is a great example of a highly-technical jacket that is made entirely from post-consumer fabrics and is 100% recycleable. Read up on their design philosophy and what they are doing to change the way technical outerwear is constructed. Great people, great products and sustainable fabrics/processes. If you are in Portland, Seattle, Denver or Chicago, visit one of their retail locations to see the full product line in person, otherwise visit to browse and buy. Product: NAU Shelter Jacket (New for Spring 2008) Price: $278 Recommended Use: Backcountry Skiing, Hiking, Skiing Pros: Eco-friendly recycled materials, asymmetrical cuffs, lightweight (16 oz.), solid construction, huge front pockets Cons: Limited retail outlets, no elastic drawstring across front of jacket More Info: Visit

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