Smith V-Ti Sunglasses Review

September 26, 2008

A new style for this year, the Smith V-Ti sunglasses are built for hard-charging activities and are the perfect sunglass for cycling or mountain biking. A shield-style, the V-Ti comes with three lenses out of the box. Depending on your chosen frame style, you may get a polarized option as well. I flogged a pair of the Smith V-Ti sunglasses while at the Interbike Outdoor Demo and found them to be outstanding overall. As I chatted with Greg Randolph (a.k.a. Chopper) about this design, he went into detail about the titanium temple pieces that start out stiff at the hinge, but then become flexible through the use of Beta-Titanium underneath the rubberized ends. On top of the high-tech frame design, the lenses also feature Smith's best TLT Carbonic optics. I tested the Chrome frame that comes with a polarized copper lens, Ignitor lens and clear mirror lens that's easily swapped-out in a matter of 20 seconds. How do the Smith V-Ti sunglasses perform? My first lap in Bootleg Canyon was done with the polarized copper lens installed. Honestly, I was a little disappointed at how they performed on the trail. The polarized lenses ended up giving me random rainbow oily splotches here and there. But, to be fair, a polarized lens is not intended to be used mountain biking. So, a quick trip back to the Smith tent and a rapid change to the Ignitor lens and I was set for a day of riding in the Nevada desert. I felt confident riding in the bright sunlight and in/out of shadows. My vision was always clear and with the shield design, I had no frame material blocking my vision in any direciton. The Smith V-Ti sunglasses fit my medium-sized face well and the megol rubber is the perfect stickyness to keep these suckers on my face no matter what. I was sweating like a dog and not once did I need to adjust them. These things are not going anywhere! Because of that, the comfort-levels high... I forgot I had them on. Good Comfortable design for all-day wear Polarized options Easy lens changes Grippy megol rubber keeps 'em in place Excellent peripheral vision Super lightweight Comes with a sturdy carrying case Bad Polarized isn't for all activities (e.g. mountain biking) The Smith V-Ti sunglasses are perfect for cycling, mountain biking, running or on the lake. Built for all-day comfort and style, you can't go wrong with these shades. Buy Now: Search for Smith V-Ti Sunglasses

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