Black Diamond Custom Telemark Boot Review

September 10, 2008

Black Diamond is like that ice cream truck that comes around every summer. Reliable. Great product. Always coming out with something good. Down right delicious. I finally got to try on the Custom Telemark boot the other day in a gear shop and I am impressed. Compared to my Scarpa T-Race, the Custom delivers less bulk and more heel support. I hate it when I feel like I am lugging around more plastic then I need. BOA and BD Boots? Granted I haven't dropped in strapped with these kicks but the Boa system is a nice addition to the tele-boot world that I think most free-heelers are going to enjoy. When I first heard about boa on the new BD boot line I thought "Boa = snowboarder gear". But hey, can't knock it tell you try it. Then after you try it, give it hell. The Custom is the most aggressive boot in the Telemark Power series. I also tried on the Push, the mid-stiff, and that is comparable to the Ener-g and Terminator. BD also came out with the Efficient series for your 3-buckle paradise. Tele-skiers are always looking to cut weight and slim up their setup so the BD boot line is definitely going to rock the slopes this season. Black Diamond Custom Telemark Boot Weighs 8lb 6oz (380g) Strobel liner w/ Boa system 130 Ridstiff mofo flex BUY NOW: Snag the Black Diamond Custom Boot on for $719.95

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