Sigg Water Bottles - Gear Review

May 29, 2007

I have more water bottles than I really need, but frankly I'm always finding that I'm glad I have them around. Bottles are like headlamps -- you think you're buying them for all your outdoor escapades but really you end up using them more often in day-to-day life than you ever thought. Sigg's line of lightweight aluminum water bottles are definitely part of that field of outdoor gear -- overused and very appreciated. I first saw Sigg water bottles at ColeSport in Park City, in their bike department during the summer, and was taken by their cool designs. The one I'm showing here is actually one of the more bland ones -- still sexy, but understated. They have every print imaginable from stripes to spots to artistic renderings of animals. Really funky & stylish. But cooler than the designs printed on the outside is the industrial design of the thing itself. Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, Sigg water bottles are extremely durable but also very lightweight. They remind me of a canister of gas for your camp stove. And being aluminum, they keep your drink very cool -- which is why I purchased it in the first place. There's nothing like sipping cold water from an aluminum flask after hiking under Utah's mid-summer sun. A couple of things that are downfalls: 1) Aluminum is inherently hard, so if you fall on it then you'll get a bruise (duh), and 2) Aluminum doesn't flex, so you can't squeeze the bottle and squirt a stream of water like you can with a soft plastic bottle. All in all, however, it's definitely a piece of gear to add to the collection -- and you'll find you never leave it sitting in the gear closet for long without taking it on a backpacking trip through the Uintas, or just on a walk with the kid in the jogging stroller. Buy Now: Search for Sigg bottles on . Check out more outdoor gear

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