Scott Motive BlackGoggle with Blue Chrome Lens - Gear Review

April 18, 2007

For years I had always been a Smith man but the time arrived for me to see what all the hype was about with the Scott Motive goggle. The first time I donned this goggle was in the middle of one of the fiercest storms of the season with nuking snow, winds and some flat light. The result - best visual I've ever had with goggles, ever. The best part of wearing these goggles was the fact that despite the sun, blinding snow, flat light or all of the above I never got a distorted view. Crystal clear, at all times. Better yet as the sun went down and the light grew more dim the goggles didn't give me the "east coast time zone" feeling that you can get when you lift your goggles up and realize it really isn't night out but that your goggles had dimmed the experience. The Motive is a very simple yet top notch goggle. The frame is comprised of a flexible plastic padded with a multi layer foam for a soft feel and forming fit against your face. Since I wear a Giro helmet the hinge interface between the strap and the frame is ideal for a perfect fit. In fact, I think that regardless of the type of helmet you wear or if you rock the beanie that the fit will be spot on. After about 20 times using these goggles in a multitude of conditions from blazing sunlight to coming down sideways blizzard I've yet to have them fog up. Scott treats these goggles on the inside surface with a anti-fog formula. They say that it is... "...chemically bonded to the lens and will never wear off. The treated surface works by absorbing moisture which causes fogging" I haven't seen much evaporation going on inside my goggles so I can't say for sure what's exactly happening to the moisture but one thing is for certain, it's not fogging up. For additional help the lens has six vent holes along the top of it. Looking at this goggle it is hard to conclude that it reaches the pinnacle of science and engineering but looking through it the next time you're at the resort or dropping into your favorite backcountry line will quickly launch this goggle to the top of your preferred goggle list and like me, you might just become a Scott man after all. Buy Now: Search for Scott goggles

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