Rock Exotica HMS Pirate Carabiner

September 17, 2008

Arrrg mateys! Shiver me timbers, I have a new favorite locking belay biner! Ok, but seriously. Pirate talk aside, the new Rock Exotica HMS Pirate Carabiner is a locker "for the z axis," per (for those non-math majors among us- the z axis is the one that goes up!) With its offset keylock gate, it opens much wider than your average carabiner, making it perfect for belays and munters. With the gate closed, the Pirate boasts 26kN of strength, slightly more than your average locker. With the gate open, it opens wide enough to easily fit a 10.2mm rope for a munter belay, with room for the knot to flip, no problem. Another added bonus of the Rock Exotica Pirate gate- there is a skull and crossbones visible when the biner isn't locked! Great reminder to lock your biner! Get the beta on the Rock Exotica HMS Pirate Carabiner: 26kN of strength with gate closed Offset gate makes for a wider opening than your average locker. Added bonus- All of Rock Exotica's gear is manufactured in Clearfield, UT, USA. CHECK OUT THE PIRATE! YAR!

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