Rock Exotica BiWire Carabiner

September 27, 2008

Looking at the Rock Exotica BiWire Carabiner, you'd think that something has gone wrong in manufacturing. There are not one, but TWO wire gates on this carabiner. Something looks amiss. However, upon further inspection, one can see that the BiWire is in fact not a manufacturing defect, but rather an ingenious new design released by Rock Exotica. The BiWire features two wire gates, an outer and inner, opening in opposite directions. Effectively, Rock Exotica has created a locking carabiner out of a non-locker. Though Rock Exotica specifically states that the BiWire is not intended to replace locking biners, it offers a great solution for situations where a locker isn't necessary, but you might be slightly concerned about gates opening (i.e. on contact points for anchors). The gate opening system takes a few minutes to get used to, but after you master the thumb and index finger opposition, it's a breeze to clip and unclip from just about anywhere. Rock Exotica BiWire Carabiner At 31kN breaking strength, this monster has more strength than most biners on the market Dual gates make it so that even with contact with rocks, other equipment or rope will not open both gates. Larger, D shaped size makes for a lot of flexibility in range of use. CHECK IT OUT! Rock Exotica BiWire Carabiner

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