Princeton Tec Swerve Bike Tail Light

July 3, 2008

Reeling from the astronomical gas prices, more and more people are returning to their childhood roots and riding their bikes more for transportation. It's funny because in many countries, the bicycle remains the top form of transportation because it's cheap, efficient and it's good for the body. As American's Twinkie themselves to death, we should take note of the many other countries where a bicycle a way of life. I need to eat my words and ride my bike to the office more often. And, when I do, I certainly want to be noticed on roads that are often packed with SUV's, trucks and bike-ignorant drivers. My roadie jerseys are always brightly-colored to tip things more in my favor, but this little bike light just might be another trick to help get noticed. The new ultra-bright Princeton Tec Swerve bike tail light is lightweight and brighter than staring at the sun. If given the choice between staring at the sun and staring into the Swerve, I'd almost take the sun--it's that bright. About the Princeton Tec Swerve Just introduced in the nick of time to save people from becoming roadkill, the Princeton Tec Swerve is arguably the brightest and most compact bike tail light. With two modes of operation: 1) alternating flashing and 2) solid red, the Princeton Tec Swerve will make sure people see you... day or night. Features and what's included: 2 high-intensity LED's with super lens focus-power 2AAA batteries give you 70 hours of light (that's a LONG ride) Flexible mounting kits to attach to seatpost, seatstay, helmet, handlebar, wherever... it even includes a simple clip to attach to your jersey Level 1 waterproof rating MSRP: $29.99 - Buy from REI Visit for more details I've got my hands on this light and will be testing it out. My hope is that I'll keep all jacked-up Ford F450's and crazy SUV drivers well away from my back tire. Look for some observations and feedback in a future review of the Swerve. More Info: Visit

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