Point6 Merino Wool Socks - New Gear

December 18, 2008

I'll have to admit... I'm pretty picky about my socks. I like my socks to be as thin and short as possible--unless I'm running in cold weather, then a medium-weight sock will do. That said, on top of my thin sock preference, nothing feels better next to the skin than Merino Wool blends. And Merino Wool is what the new sock company, Point 6 is all about. Founded by the original duo behind SmartWool, Peter and Patty Duke, Point6 is "Spreading the Wool" in places where no wool has gone before. From my initial experience of Point6, these guys are bent on spreading the Wool... and people should listen to what they're preaching. Here's why you should give Point6 Merino Wool socks a try: Compact-Spun Merino: this is a more expensive spinning process that results in dense, more durable yarns. We also use finer grade knitting needles for more merino per inch without added bulk. Despite the more expensive process, we're able to sell our products at a discount. How? By selling direct-to-consumer only on our website, we can offer pricing that is 30% off typical retail. I've had my hands on a couple of pair of socks from Point6 and have been very impressed thus far. Point6 Active Medium Mini Crew A medium-weight mini crew sock that's perfect for trail runs on cold days or for those who prefer a medium-weight sock. The fit is snug and true to legend, the Merino Wool blend is comfy on the tootsies. Available online for $11.16 per pair. Point6 Ski Light OTC Socks Again, a medium-weight sock for skiers this time. These are extra long so they stay up all day and are built with cushion zones in the shins and flat seams in the toe to keep your shins happy and keep the blood flowing to your toes. Available online for $13.26 per pair. More Info: Visit to Learn More

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