Penfield Millis Women's Down Jacket

December 14, 2008

I have a new "Date night in cold weather" jacket! The Penfield Millis Women's Down Jacket. I'll be the first to admit, I normally traipse around downtown SLC in my bright orange SubZero down jacket, certainly not the pillar of fashion. However, since acquiring my Millis jacket, I can now walk around in style, and still be incredibly warm. Penfield, a company based out of Massachusetts, has been around since 1975, and this year released a women's line, which will be expanding further next season. They do a great job of blending trendy with functional. Penfield Millis Women's Down Jacket Water resistant and windproof outer material does a great job blocking out gusts in the city. Removable hood snaps on and off easily Drawstring hem keeps cold air from sneaking in from the bottom. Coolest feature on the jacket- Pockets! The front pockets look like snap-top closure pockets, which I was originally really disappointed with. Where do I put my cold hands?! However, if you look a bit harder, you discover Penfield has created the Millis jacket with a second hidden, fleece lined pocket directly behind the stylish snap-top one. Just what my cold mitts were looking for! A great around the town jacket in colder temps. Definitely not for expeditions, ice climbing, ect, but perfect for warming up on those frozen days in January. Has the warmth of a technical down jacket without making you look like you're headed to Everest. Bottom Line- Penfield has done a great job with their first line of Women's gear. Warm, super stylish and true to size, I'd recommend this jacket for anyone looking for something to keep them warm but still look trendy and hip. Check it out- Penfield Millis Women's Down Jacket

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