Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest Review

July 23, 2008

A while back I picked up the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest as my previous vest was far too large, feeling like a sail whipping in the wind when I wore it on a biking descent. I probed around the marketplace finding vests that were well north of $100 and others that were rice paper thin. I finally honed in on the Zephrr because it was light weight, would stuff into a rear jersey pocket yet still had enough to it, not to mention that it didn't break the bank. Review of the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest Basically a vest needs to fit snug and keep the wind/rain out. The Zephrr does just that. I had to swap sizing as the XL fit nice when dressed in street clothing but once I was wearing my bike jersey the XL was too big and I sized down to the Large. After riding a few times with it in my jersey pocket and then throwing it on while riding, I'm sold on the quality of zipper that it employs. Just big enough to get it on while on the fly yet small enough to eliminate extra bulk. The 2007 model had a small chest pocket which in theory is nice but while on the bike I found I didn't even use it or realized that it's opening was too small to access anything while riding. On the 2008 model I didn't even miss it. A small hit of very thin micro fleece fabric around the collar is nice for cool rides and I didn't find that it was too much to cause overheating. Speaking of overheating, and although it's sold as a cool weather vest, the mesh in the back on the 2007 model is more centralized and generous than the mesh on the 2008 model which is down each side. I'm guessing here, but I suspect the fabric in the middle of the back on the 2008 model is to increase rain resistance but it doesn't help with breathability. While still a fan of the 2008 model, if you can find a 2007 model I'd consider it as well when you're in the hunt for a cycling vest that is well rounded. The one gripe I do have with this vest is that the rear stowe pocket has too small of an opening. Try reaching in and grabbing a gel and then pulling it out and you'll feel like you've got your hand stuck in the cookie jar. Now try doing that at 30mph on a downhill and you're likely going over the bars. They need to widen the opening by about an inch or make the fabric stretch with a 1-2% spandex addition and this vest will be tops! Features of the Zephrr Vest include Reflective logo and piping for increased visibility Microfleece inner collar for comfort Packs up easily Velcro closure on rear pocket Mesh back panels for increased breathability while riding or trail running Buy Now: Pick up the Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest from or check out a few options from the catalog Get a Deal: If you're looking for a deal check out the bright yellow 2007 Zephrr Vest on sale at as well as the 2007 Zephrr in Moonlight color

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