Pearl Izumi Mens Focus Jersey - Gear Review

June 17, 2007

I am a traditionalist when it comes to cycling apparel. Tight pants. Slim-fitting jerseys. No body armor. But of course, you wouldn't expect any less from a wimpy cross-country guy. I know that time has passed me by. All the guys I used to ride with are into monster travel and fewer chain rings. They are into having more body armor than a medieval knight going to a jousting event. And they are into full-face helmets and riding rigs that are basically motocross motorcycles without the engines. Not me -- I am a moderate, even a conservative, when it comes to my riding. Anyway, that's why the Pearl Izumi Focus jersey works for me. Does it look dorky? Sure. Does it look like something from 1994? You bet. But is it comfortable to ride in? For me, absolutely. The Pearl Izumi Focus bike jersey is a lightweight material with venting material under the arms. The main panels of fabric are thick enough to give solid blocking from winds and even light rain. But the black meshing that is sewn throughout really cools you off when the breeze hits you right. Also, the bright yellow I bought it in is never going to let me go unseen by motorists. It also has the traditional 3-pocket design on the back. The thing I don't like is the 3/4 zipper. Yes, it is adequate for unzipping and getting good ventilation. But it is still annoying to me to not have a full zipper so I can let it fly open if I so desire. Not that I often do that, even with my full zip jerseys. But I like the option. Do I look like a gaper? Of course. Do I care? Not much. Do I always ask stupid questions, and then answer them for myself? No, but I'm making an exception today. If you're a traditionalist and like a good old-style jersey with a slim fit and good all-around performance, click here to pick up the Pearl Izumi Focus bike jersey now. BUY NOW: Search for Pearl Izumi Cycling Jerseys at Check out tons of great prices on overstocked cycling gear.

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