Outdoor Research ExtraVert Glove

December 17, 2008

I love good gloves. I mean who doesn't? It's so nice when you can go skiing with confidence and not worry about your hands getting cold. The Outdoor Research ExtraVert Glove has been going strong for two seasons for me and I'm looking forward to to a third. I also use these for mountaineering because being able to work ropes and fiddle with ascension gear is key. The light insulation they put in is just enough to keep your hands warm. The softshell backing keeps your temp balanced so your not too warm. To be honest I don't think I have had many gloves that have been TOO warm. I wouldn't use this for ice climbing but it works great as a belay glove. The wool liner is nice too keeping your hands dry and not itch at all. In recent years wool has definitely gotten a better reputation with natural fibers so really 'itchy' is no longer tied to wool. The leather wrap-around makes it easy to go to work. I telemark so its nice to be able to fiddle with leashes, skip songs, and be a hippy without having to take my gloves off. Definitely give the ExtraVert a go this year, I promise some serious stoke. BUY NOW: The Outdoor Research ExtraVert Glove at

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