Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Pack 22"

October 29, 2008

Tis' the season to be stuffing bags in overhead compartments and paying $14 for gnarly tuna sandwiches in airports. Personally I don't travel well. I was one of those kids that the flight attendant picked out and made sure I got the captain wings. It's stressful. Especially when your scooting across the country for some sweet powder but your Dr. Pepper is flat on the connect from Chicago. Ok ok, I'm getting worked up. I have had the Osprey Sojourn 22 all summer and it has definitely made me more pleasant on the go. The straight jacket compression design is great for cramming a couple more things in and really wrenching it down to fit in the overhead. The zippers have a 3 inch long plastic handle to quickly open your bag and slam the Red Bull right before you have to throw it away at the security line. No liquids, bummer. The polyurethane wheels run ever so smooth and do great loaded down with 'extra' bags your friends are too lazy to carry. The real big test for me was if it could stand up weighted with stuff. Even carrying my clunky timbuk2 laptop briefcase, the Sojourn stood strong upright. The backpack straps that come out are surprisingly comfortable and very supportive. I used those babies while trucking around Mexico ruins this summer. Lastly, the bag really protects my stuff. Not that I travel with rare Indonesian plates or anything, but the side foam is great for bringing home Alta shot glasses for the poor souls that couldn't make the trip. Bag Low Down Weight 7lb 4oz. Top and side handles for easy lugging. Attaches easily to the 28" version. 2400cu in (40L) quite a bit of space actually. BUY NOW: Osprey Sojourn 22 pack at

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