Osprey Float Courier Bag

November 14, 2008

I'm not a huge messenger bag man myself. There was a massive trend last year to have an over the shoulder bag but I just couldn't get into it. I think companies are realizing that not everyone rides a fixie and is stoked on the massive compartment that rides more on their back then their side. Osprey brought out the Float Courier Bag this year, and I think they are on to something. To clarify, I'm a backpack man. Two straps, main compartment, evenly distributed weight; I'm good. I've been looking at this bag for my wife who is in desperate need for a sassy diaper bag and I am considering changing my belief system. On the green side of things, Osprey came out with the ReSource series which uses recycled materials for at least 70% of the bag. Thats way cool and will go a long way with the urban peeps. The Stoke It's not massive. It looks small but the compartments are impressive. When you open the top flap it doesn't engulf you in fabric restricting your arms to retrieve fish crackers and the binky. It has an outer bottle holder for a small sized nalgene. Cell phone case on the strap. No more digging at the bottom of a black hole to search for the Justin Timberlake ringtoning phone. Comfy hip pad with a waist strap to stay secure for chasing the little one at the farmers market. Has an iPod cord holder on the strap to keep cords organized if your jamming. BUY NOW: The Osprey Float Courier Bag at

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