Oakley A Frame Goggle - Polarized

October 30, 2008

Anyone remember the old Subzeros? It was my first pair of Oakleys and they built the foundation of steeze.This last year I used the A frame, the fit was great for my helmet and the view it offers is great for spotting speedsters in your peripheral. Buzzing around the mountain I didn't think polarized was an option. Time to switch things up. I used the persimmon lens and it seemed to work well for all around conditions. I mean it would be great to have a handful of lenses in my glove box to switch out at any time but lets be serious. The polarized lens is great for increasing contrast and cutting down glare on my sunglasses but goggles? If the polarized can replace the 3 lenses that are recommended for various ski conditions sign me up. Oakley claims to rise above everyone else by cutting down the haze and distortion other polarized lenses come with. Worth a try, definitely when your dealing with the brightest thing ever; snow. I didn't notice a huge fog issue with the A frame, Cat Crap is always a good remedy if your going blind. I really tried to keep these babies on my face as much as possible so my beanie didn't heat them up. If your rocking a helmet though it shouldn't be a problem. My request from Oakley is to bring back the Subzeros and the old school Oakley logo on goggles, but the polarized lens will definitely be popping into my A frames this season. BUY NOW: Oakley A Frame goggle at

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