New Fuel Headlamp from Princeton Tec

February 5, 2008

Headlamps are simply essential for backcountry travel while hiking, backcountry skiing (gotta see the skintrack on 5am dawn patrols), or even working on your car in the dark. We're big fans of headlamps and there's been a lot of progress in headlamp design over the past few years as traditional bulbs have been completely replaced by brighter and more energy-efficient LED designs. Well, Princeton Tec is one of those leaders in headlamp design. Their all-new Fuel headlamp combines a compact design with superior ease-of-use. They put together a "lite graffiti" video--which must take oodles of time and effort to produce--to promote the new headlamp. Pretty amazing stuff. Here's a little more information on the Princeton Tec Fuel headlamp: When applied well, technology should be simple. Such is the case with the innovative Fuel headlamp designed to meet the widest range of applications while remaining small,lightweight and robust. With all of the touch points of the product being considered, the Fuel smart design fulfills technology promise of actually making our lives easier. What could be better than a light that weighs only 78g with 15 lumens of brightness and 160 hours of burn time? A light that also has an asymmetrical single arm bracket that makes directing the light effortless and reliable; a large,easy to find push button switch and a virtually bulletproof,easy access battery door that protects the 3AAAs and its electronics. Yea.. that pretty much it. Simple. Perfect. Fuel. Buy Now: Visit to Buy Princeton Tec headlamps

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