Nalgene Water Bottle Lexan Narrow Mouth - Gear Review

April 18, 2007

Sometimes we get so hung up on all our big gear that we forget how wonderful a little piece of gear can be. The narrow mouth Lexan water bottle by Nalgene is one of those little pieces of gear that pretty soon you feel you can't live without. If you've never used a Lexan water bottle like Nalgene's bottles, you may wonder what the fuss is about. But you'll stop wondering once you try one. Lexan isn't like most plastic-like materials, in that it's harder and less porous. This means you get three cool features with every Nalgene bottle made of Lexan: It's virtually indestructible. I have seen a bottle that was run over by a steamroller, and it still held water -- no leaks! Though it was almost flat like a flask, but the narrow mouth wasn't squashed so you could still screw the cap on and use it. It doesn't make your water taste like plastic. Most soft plastic water bottles make your water taste like you're drinking it out of an inner tube, but Lexan's pores are so tight that no plastic flavor is left in your water. It comes in all those cool translucent colors! There's an added advantage with the narrow mouth model -- you can drink it while walking and won't risk spilling it all the way down your face like the wide-mouthed models. And that makes it much more usable in the car or while on a walk. Let's face it -- there are just so many occasions when you just don't want to bother with filling up your Camelbak or Platypus and toting it around in a backpack, sipping through a hydration tube. For all of those occasions, you have the Nalgene Narrow Mouth Water Bottle. I remember at college sitting in my classes at the University of Washington and looking around the room at about a dozen different folks with Nalgene bottles during every class. Of course, this was Seattle where we all thought the college should have reimbursed us on Gore-Tex jackets because we had to walk through the rain between classes...and where all my friends registered for their weddings at REI. But still -- there's something you've gotta love about a usable piece of gear that always finds its way into your life, even when you aren't out on an adventure. And thats' what a Nalgene bottle is. Two things I don't like: With a narrow mouth you can't really fit ice into it very easily. That narrow mouth also makes it difficult to clean -- so if you're like me, real soon you'll have Tang residue all caked to the inside of your bottle. Because of the tasteless Lexan material your water still won't taste plasticky...but it will taste like all the Tang of days gone by. So if you haven't already, then it's time to pick yourself up a Nalgene water bottle. Or if you already have one, it's time for a narrow mouth model. If you already have a narrow mouth model, then it's time for a second one. Hey -- you never know when one of them might get run over by a steamroller! Buy Now: Search for Nalgene

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