Mountain Hardwear Transition Jacket

September 3, 2008

As a first year graduate student in a clinical speech therapy program and a part time rock and ice climbing instructor, free time is not something I seem to get a lot of. However, on those rare weekends that I do have to myself, I love to pack as much adventure into a short period of time as possible. Recently, my climbing partner and I have developed a reputation as car-to-car maniacs, ascending large peaks in under 24 hours, with minimal gear and maximum speed. Among the peaks in the past year have been Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood (both in the same 3 day period!) and The Grand Teton all in this light and fast alpine style. An absolutely crucial part of these trips for both my climbing partner and myself is our Mountain Hardwear Transition Jackets. Lightweight yet bomber, these jackets provide the essential wind protection we need without being as bulky as a regular softshell layer. A breathable windstopper softshell with stretch side panels, the MH Transition Jacket does it all. From Mt. Rainier, to cross country skiing, to on campus bike commuting in cooler temperatures, this jacket is the best breathable wind resistance I own. Another plus for late night trail runs and biking- the Transition Jacket has several small reflector swatches on the jacket and an mp3 zip pocket in the back of the jacket. Mountain Hardwear Transition Jacket At 10 oz, this lightweight, slim cut jacket provides maximum usage and minimal bulk. Thumb hooks in sleeves ensure that jacket stays anchored down on arms, but are retractable when not necessary. Small, fitted hood fits great under climbing and biking helmets. No frills, simplistic design for front of jacket keeps zipper pulls and pockets out of the way as you are haulin' in the backcountry. BUY NOW!: Check out the Mountain Hardwear Transition Jacket test

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