Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Tights

November 7, 2008

Like Claire said, the Wasatch is getting the flakes and the chilly weather no doubt. I am glad to have the Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Tights on hand to get that extra warmth for making turns and avoiding hypothermia. Stretchy pants aren't just for Nacho Libre. These pants are going to be more of a heavyweight layering piece which I like for cold days and mountaineering. I am not a yoga person but I am sure if your into winter yoga the athletic fit will provide all the desired freedom. The stitch near the ankle is very low profile which is great for tucking it into my ski boot and not having it bunch up. The Polartec fleece also does wonders for keeping dry which surprises me for such a heavyweight bottom. I have been using capilene for a long time and its great for touring and for warmer conditions. The Power Stretch is 'the bottom' to sport for those colder temps where you need to be generating heat rather then focusing on the wicking power of a lighter bottom. I don't see that Mountain Hardwear has come out with the Nacho red and blue scheme, maybe next year. Stretchy Pant Highlights Elastic waistband to reduce bulk. Snug athletic fit all around, no bagginess. I am 5'8" and the medium works great, around a 30" inseam. Impressive price for such a hardcore piece of gear. BUY NOW: Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Tights at

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